Mergers and AcquisitionsBCBIZDEV is a Full Service Business Services, Financial Management & Marketing/Consulting Company. We advise clients on how to buy, sell and finance their companies. We represent vendors companies for the highest returns and purchasers in their search for the correct business acquisitions. Our acquisition professionals are experts in developing the marketing tools needed to attract buyers and underwriters.

Our staff understands the needs of closely held business owner assets and their transaction value. Our accounting and legal associates offer you the finest of instruction and planning.

Our staff is experienced in developing the marketing tools that investors and buyers look for. Our Consulting Services assure you and your Company of the highest credibility and confidence throughout the entire acquisition or sale procedure.

Our engagements may include:

  • Creating the plan to sell or buy a business for the client;
  • Organizing the structure to sell the Company and considering the tax planning necessary for the client;
  • Structuring the financing to meet the needs of the acquisition and the ongoing demands of the business;
  • Re-capitalization through private, institutional and commercial lenders;
  • Create asset based financing where required;
  • Advise on approximate purchase or sale pricing and terms of debt and equity financing;
  • Placement of equity, mezzanine and senior debt, restructuring and re-capitalization of the Company;
  • Manage complex, leveraged financings;
  • Insure successful integration during initial take-over or final wrap up of the sale;
  • Developing an effective Communication Program during and after the transaction and take-over;
  • Maintaining the communication to all of the stakeholders.