Vancouver, BC Business Development Consulting Services

  • BUSINESS PLANS which are well documented, complete with financial statements and cash-flow projections, suitable for presentation to a potential banker and/or investor. BCBD business plans are comprehensive and well documented, complete with pro forma financial statements and cash flow projections. The business plan can work as a road map for a well-managed business, or a tool presented to potential investor/bankers and employees when financing and job filling needs exist.
  • ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDIES that measure the direct, indirect and induced economic effects of a dollar spent within a particular industry. This tool reveals the hidden economic benefits that industries or initiatives bring to a community. Impacts are measured in dollars generated and jobs created.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING resulting from our group facilitation services that uncover and document a unified corporate or community vision, the list of associated goals, and finally an implementation plan “Call to Action”. An implementation schedule is created to align these corporate goals with specific tasks, time frames (milestones) and individuals, in order to efficiently manage goal achievement.
  • MARKET/FEASIBILITY STUDIES that uncover demand and formulate an objective opinion on sales projections for a business, product, or service that is in question by an entrepreneur or potential investor. Sales projections are often used to offer an objective opinion to a banker/investor or entrepreneur as to the feasibility of a desired business. These opinions are expressed through the publication of an in-depth feasibility study and/or business plan. The opinion of positive feasibility will always assume good management practices.
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