Annual Report Writing Services
Looking for help with Annual Report Writing?

BCBD has helped dozens of companies—from mega-caps to micro-caps—produce what has long been considered the flagship document for every public company.

Our view of the annual report and its role often runs contrary with conventional thinking. Yes, this publication serves as the disclosure function for current shareholders. Smart companies, however, also utilize the annual report as a marketing tool to attract potential shareholders, strategic partners and talent, as well as to influence opinion leaders. As such, our goal is always to position the document as a strategic, forward-looking one that clearly differentiates a company from its peers. Research supports this approach. In a survey of 300 institutional investors, over half say that the annual report influences their investment decision.

BCBD is dedicated to producing blue chip communication—tools that command a premium value through their ability to present ideas that influence an audience. Through annual reports, product literature, multimedia presentations, websites, speeches, corporate responsibility reports, newsletters, meeting materials and more, we help you move a targeted audience to action—investors to buy or hold your stock, customers to purchase your products or services, employees to stay long-term or unite behind a common goal and communities to support your company or your cause.

Our creative approach is always grounded in strong message development that we support with compelling design and high-quality production. Memorable thematic concepts and solid editorial content organization anchor our work so that it moves beyond simple information dissemination to persuasive communication.