Our Canada Immigration Services

Why Canada?

Canada has the most immigrants per capita in the entire world. It is not hard to see why. Canada ranks highly in world ratings including livability, economic opportunities, personal freedoms, and many other indicators. Canada is a resource rich country with a strong social safety net. Whatever your reasons for immigrating to Canada, you will find a home in Canada’s three territories and ten provinces.

Entering Canada on a Temporary Basis

Are you looking to enter Canada as a student, visitor, or worker? Or due to your past history, you have difficulty entering Canada? Let us take care of the details so you can focus on what matters to you. There are several methods to enter Canada on a temporary basis including

  • visitor visas,
  • super visas,
  • work permits and visas,
  • study permits and visas, and
  • rehabilitation, temporary resident permits, etc.

Document Review and Immigration Law Advisory Services

Are you unsure whether you filled out the application correctly? Are you confused by all the immigration jargon? Are you worried that your permanent resident status might expire? We will provide the service that fits your budget. Whether it’s reviewing your application or giving a legal opinion, we will give you the professional attention you deserve. Consultations can be conducted over the phone, Skype, etc—whatever suits your need.

Obtaining Permanent Residency

Looking to stay in Canada as a permanent resident? Did you know Canada offers many ways to become a permanent resident? Some categories that you can consider include

Federal Investor Program,
Express Entry (Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Workers, and Federal Skilled Trades), and
Family and Spousal Sponsorship.

International Mobility Program

If you are resident of the United States and/or Mexico, you might be able to work in Canada without your employer doing any advertising. That means money and time saved. Popular NAFTA categories include

  • Professionals, and
  • Intra-company Transferees.

Provincial Nominee Program

Each Canadian province and territory has the authority to select immigrants based on the immigrant’s ability to contribute to the province. If you are student, skilled worker, or skilled tradesperson you may be eligible to gain permanent residency through the provincial nominee program. If you have business experience and/or senior management experience you may be eligible as an entrepreneur nominee candidate.

With so many changes happening to the immigration landscape, your best chance to achieve the Canadian dream may be today. Don’t hesitate, book an initial consultation today! Click here.

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