We are working with investment professionals who are actively seeking Commodity, Energy and Agriculture / Food businesses to invest in and we would love to bring your proposal to the table.

A couple of requirements:

  1. the business must be profitable (no startups);
  2. there must be a clear strategy for payback / ROI to the investor.

Before we can take your proposal / request to the next level, we do require some general information about your business.

Please note that the information you provide may be somewhat anonymous until you are satisfied that NDAs are in place if required, so we ask only YOUR contact name and telephone number, not the name of your company in case you choose not to disclose that at this time.

Please fill in the form below – we will contact you one way or the other to let you know if we see a fit and thank you in advance for contacting us. In the event that these investors do not see a synergy at this time, then if you like, we can keep your funding requirements on file for when a potential opportunity materializes.

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