Government Funding Available For BC Business

Looking for Grants, Loans or Funding for your business venture or existing business? You may qualify for one or more of many government programs which have been set up specifically for companies like yours!
Everything from equity financing to tax credits, SR&ED tax credit refunds, grants, forgivable loans etc. are available to BC businesses like your own.
We can help!
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    How Do I Get Funding For My Small Business? Bank of Mom & Dad?

How Do I Get Funding For My Small Business? Bank of Mom & Dad?

OPTION #1, The Bank of Mom & Dad, Friends & Family Financing.

Many Vancouver area entrepreneurs seeking to fund their start-up enterprise or venture often turn to a lender that; overlooks weak points, provides flexible terms, and offers a “dream-come-true” interest rate: the Bank of Mom or Dad. Without an established track record, start-ups often have trouble getting a traditional bank loan or funding from venture or “angel investors”. So after tapping their savings, founders often turn to informal investors, which usually mean family members and friends.

The proverbial “rich uncle” can often be the lowest hanging fruit & overall the easiest to deal with, particularly when it comes to repayment terms. Such arrangements combine best wishes, a pay-me-when-you-can attitude, and few expectations of a meaningful return. That might be the most realistic view of family and friends financing. So in many cases, it might be wise to not formalize the loan since doing so can raise expectations that it will be repaid in full.

Many people will opt for a loosely structured deal in which, for example, repayment may start only when a company has reasonable cash flow and can afford to make payments — a position many businesses don’t reach until three to five years down the road, if at all. Such an arrangement doesn’t raise expectations of prompt repayment. But such vagueness can lead to problems and confusion later on, prompting some experts to urge putting into writing whether funds are a loan, a gift or an investment. Still, terms of the agreement need close attention. Failure to collect interest or a repayment might prompt the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) to decide the “loan” was actually a gift and impose gift tax and other […]

Looking For An Investor? Give Us Your “Elevator Pitch”!

We are working with investment professionals who are actively seeking Commodity, Energy and Agriculture / Food businesses to invest in and we would love to bring your proposal to the table.

A couple of requirements:

the business must be profitable (no startups);

there must be a clear strategy for payback / ROI to the investor.

Before we can take your proposal / request to the next level, we do require some general information about your business.

Please note that the information you provide may be somewhat anonymous until you are satisfied that NDAs are in place if required, so we ask only YOUR contact name and telephone number, not the name of your company in case you choose not to disclose that at this time.

Please fill in the form below – we will contact you one way or the other to let you know if we see a fit and thank you in advance for contacting us. In the event that these investors do not see a synergy at this time, then if you like, we can keep your funding requirements on file for when a potential opportunity materializes.


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    How Do I Get Funding For My Small Business? Angel Investors Are An Option

How Do I Get Funding For My Small Business? Angel Investors Are An Option

Angel Investors.

Many small businesses looking for financial help from an “angel” often turn to individuals willing to invest in promising, start-up opportunities. Angel investors can be a good funding source to consider after you’ve tapped your friends and relatives. This approach requires very careful consideration since angels usually don’t write blank checks. A few terms that one should understand are:

Liquidity; The ease with which an angel can readily expect their investment capital returned
ROI; (Return On Investment), investors are interested in seeing their money grow (by a reasonable multiple) & with limited risk.
Exit Strategy; they will want to see progress and a way to exit the deal down the line with meaningful profits.

One should presume that angel investors will do a lot of research and careful investigation into your business plan. BCBIZDEV can help tailor your business plan to outline the specific requirements usually sought in this targeted approach.

Always try to be very thoughtful when approaching potential investors. Resource investors, for example, are usually not interested in hearing about a textile manufacturer. A haphazard approach is likely to turn them off. Industry associations, local trade groups or, in some areas, business-incubator centers can help point to potential angels. There are many “meet-ups” or local business networking groups all over that can be explored for invaluable personal testimonials about the success & potential pitfalls to avoid.

Angel investors often invest through groups or networks. These provide due diligence, extra research, access to potential deals and shared expertise that one person operating alone generally doesn’t have. For instance, one member of an angel group might have background in a particular industry or the know-how to set up deal terms, sharing that knowledge with the other […]