Controlled Business Growth - be careful during times of uncontrolled growth…To Take YOUR Company -Or Idea-To The Next Level

Do you have an innovative idea, a passion which is turning into a business, a small business which needs some controlled growth, or a going concern which needs a specific funding amount in order to get to the next level?

We can help.

It’s not always obvious, but often one is looking right AT the solution to the business problems one is facing!

Here is an example:

One of the most common pitfalls for small businesses is out-of-control growth. When orders start piling up and additional staff is required, there is frequently a period of time where the company has insufficient cash flow to hire the required staff to fulfill orders … which stalls growth and can even cause the failure of a company.

It’s a catch-22 and can be very hard to overcome. Business owners sometimes try to address the problem by working for every waking hour of their lives – which has been known to work but is probably the least preferred solution to the business problem of having too many orders and not enough staff.

Other solutions may include hiring interns, getting a business loan or operating line of credit – in fact there are more solutions than problems!

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