VANCOUVER SHIP BUILDING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIESWith the recent award of the 8 billion dollar Federal Ship Building contract for non-combat military support vessels, the economic outlook in BC is looking much better.

Think about this for a moment, The ENTIRE budget for the 2010 Winter Olympics was (arguably), somewhere between a half to 3 quarters of 1 billion dollars!

This ship building contract is 10 TIMES the size & should pack a wallop of economic benefit into the local economy.

The federal shipbuilding contract awarded to the Seaspan Marine Group will not only breathe new life into the corporation but will mean a dramatic increase in many smaller supply chain & manufacturing companies in BC.

Unemployment numbers should reflect a steady decline in the coming months & years among skilled trades & labour to support this massive project.

BC’s Premier Christy Clark stated that the bid was the beginning of her government’s jobs plan and will result in thousands of high-paid jobs.  It will give the industry stability and provide work for generations of workers.”$8 billion is huge,” she said. “At a time like this, when the world is experiencing all this economic uncertainty, it is going to be big.”

Local Machine Shops are among the first to benefit from the massive undertaking and Seaspan  is developing a “Supplier Self Registration Portal” online to help local manufacturers get in on the action.

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There is no better time than now to get your Business Plan ready or updated so that you will be ready manufacturing opportunities related to BC’s shipbuilding contract.

We can help with the experience in supply chain, procurement & manufacturing methodologies; we have the expertise to get you ready to cash in on the action.

More info about the Seaspan supplier registration portal is available here: