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Government Funding Available For BC Business

Looking for Grants, Loans or Funding for your business venture or existing business? You may qualify for one or more of many government programs which have been set up specifically for companies like yours!
Everything from equity financing to tax credits, SR&ED tax credit refunds, grants, forgivable loans etc. are available to BC businesses like your own.
We can help!
To speak to a business development / funding procurement expert now, Click here to inquire about how we can help or phone 604.757.1969


Turn Your Passion Into Your Business – Part 2

This is the start of your corporate identity – It’s the starting point for all of your marketing, choosing a name, a logo, etc.

Today we will go over whether you will need to register or incorporate your business & if incorporating we will go through the considerations.

Furthermore, let’s discuss grants and business loans… getting to be fewer!
Making It All Official:
Generally, you will require:

Business Plan (optional, but recommended).
Corporate Identity (your name, what you stand for, your co’s personality)
Logo/Branding – try 99designs.com – inside tip from the pros!
Company Registration or Incorporation papers
Bank Account / Company Cheques (which you will get with the above).
Internet Domain – www.YourCompany.com (or .ca).
Corporate Website / emails of SOME SORT – it’s really important!
Corporate Stationery – Letterhead/email signature/brochures…
PayPal Account is GREAT for accepting online payments.

Your Corporate Identity
You probably already have a really good idea about WHAT KIND OF COMPANY you want to create.

It may be dedicated primarily to CUSTOMER VALUE (like WalMart) or to THE ENVIRONMENT (lots of companies popping up with “sustainability” in the mission statement) – what is YOUR company’s identity?

What are your products & services?
What is the story behind your brand?
What is your mission statement?
What are your Corporate Values?
What is your Company Philosophy?
What do you offer your customers?
Who are your customers?
What is the “tone” of your brand?

Here is a GREAT online questionnaire to help you define your corporate identity: 
Your Company Name
What’s in a name?  According to Shakespeare, it’s not that important, but in business, there are some important considerations!

You need one unique element in your name (rose / alligator / diamond […]

PRIVATE Senior Care Home Facility;
Share, Asset & Property Sale

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    How Do I Get Funding For My Small Business? Bank of Mom & Dad?

How Do I Get Funding For My Small Business? Bank of Mom & Dad?

OPTION #1, The Bank of Mom & Dad, Friends & Family Financing.

Many Vancouver area entrepreneurs seeking to fund their start-up enterprise or venture often turn to a lender that; overlooks weak points, provides flexible terms, and offers a “dream-come-true” interest rate: the Bank of Mom or Dad. Without an established track record, start-ups often have trouble getting a traditional bank loan or funding from venture or “angel investors”. So after tapping their savings, founders often turn to informal investors, which usually mean family members and friends.

The proverbial “rich uncle” can often be the lowest hanging fruit & overall the easiest to deal with, particularly when it comes to repayment terms. Such arrangements combine best wishes, a pay-me-when-you-can attitude, and few expectations of a meaningful return. That might be the most realistic view of family and friends financing. So in many cases, it might be wise to not formalize the loan since doing so can raise expectations that it will be repaid in full.

Many people will opt for a loosely structured deal in which, for example, repayment may start only when a company has reasonable cash flow and can afford to make payments — a position many businesses don’t reach until three to five years down the road, if at all. Such an arrangement doesn’t raise expectations of prompt repayment. But such vagueness can lead to problems and confusion later on, prompting some experts to urge putting into writing whether funds are a loan, a gift or an investment. Still, terms of the agreement need close attention. Failure to collect interest or a repayment might prompt the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) to decide the “loan” was actually a gift and impose gift tax and other […]

Business Immigration To Canada Under NAFTA

As a result of Canada’s relationship with several countries, you may be able to establish a business by becoming an investor under one of the international trade agreements. The predominant agreement is the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which allows applicants who are American or Mexican to work in Canada in order to establish an independent business.


You must be a citizen of the United States or Mexico and must have the intention of establishing a business which is more than 50% owned by you.
You must seek temporary entry solely to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which you have invested (or are actively in the process of investing) a substantial amount of capital.
There is no minimum dollar figure to establish the substantial investment; substantiality is normally determined by a proportionality test that weighs the amount invested against the total value of the enterprise in question or the amount normally considered necessary to establish a viable business anticipated.
Investor Status

The objective of the investor status is to promote productive investment in Canada and therefore you are not entitled to the status if the investment will return only enough income to provide living for you and your family. You must show that the investment will expand job opportunities locally or that it is adequate to ensure that your primary function will not be that of a skilled or unskilled labourer.

NAFTA Advantage

The advantage of using one of the international trade agreements by which to enter Canada is that the process can be much faster for Americans or for Mexicans.

NAFTA’s immigration sections were designed to provide a straightforward procedure for qualified individuals in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico to have access to each other’s labour […]

Who can represent me in my immigration case?

Who can represent me in my immigration case?
Canada allows unpaid and paid representatives to represent you. However, only authorized representatives such as immigration consultants and lawyers can represent you in Canadian immigration or citizenship matters for compensation. If the person representing your case is not authorized by either the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council or a Canadian law society, he or she cannot collect compensation for representing you.

Everything is online, why do I need an immigration consultant?

Everything is online, why do I need an immigration consultant?One can certainly handle his or her immigration case without representation. However, given the rapid changes in the Canadian immigration landscape, a small error can cause unforeseen delays to your application or worse. Moreover, you cannot rely on the government to help you or give you consistent advice. Free advice is everywhere, but you are ultimately responsible for your own case. As a result, incorrect advice can be extremely emotionally, monetarily, and legally costly. For instance, an applicant can be barred entry into Canada for five years due to statements made in the application.

Immigration can be a confusing and tiring process and a professional can save you time, frustration, and money by optimizing your chances on the first attempt.

How do I know if my immigration consultant is licenced to practice?

How do I know if my immigration consultant is licenced to practice?Immigration consultants must be members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council in order to practice Canadian immigration and citizenship law. Immigration consultants will have a member number and their names will be listed on the Council’s directory of immigration consultants.

What services can be provided by the immigration consultant?

What services can be provided by the immigration consultant?Immigration consultants can provide legal services for immigration and citizenship cases. This includes reviewing legal correspondence, advising on immigration strategy, etc. Furthermore, immigration consultants can represent you at the Immigration and Refugee Board.

How do I know if I might be involved with an immigration scam?

How do I know if I might be involved with an immigration scam?If it seems too good to be true, it is most likely untrue. Some people may offer to help you by creating fraudulent documents, faking proof of residency, etc., but these actions will put you and your family at risk. The outcome of your application is decided by the government—not your representative. Moreover, only immigration professionals who are in good standing with their respective Canadian governing body can provide immigration and citizenship services for a fee.

You can report immigration and citizenship fraud to the Canadian Border Services Agency and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If you suspect that your consultant is not registered, you can contact the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

If you feel that your case is complicated and/or requires an expert opinion, please feel free to contact us.