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Our Mission

Our Mission.

Take Your Business To The Next Level… and we HAVE chosen to accept it!

BrainChild Business Development Services Inc. (BCBIZDEV.COM) was conceived and born from a sincere desire on our part to work with small to medium sized companies in Vancouver and the rest of Western Canada (YOU) to make our clients’ dreams, aspirations and greatest ambitions a reality!

Our mission is to take your business to the next level, be it growing your existing business or launching a brand new enterprise!

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Our Track Record
Our Business Development TeamWe have decades of of experience in Sales, Management, Marketing, Product & Business Development with most involvement at the executive level. This experience is backed by a solid & successful background in business management. Our direct involvement has included: concept, design, funding, development, marketing, implementation and even, maintenance scheduling.

Past undertakings have also included creating and developing countless Business Plans with full Financials. As a result of this experience we have become well versed in all areas of establishing business and expanding markets for the delivery of a broad range of products and services.

In our many years in Investor Relations, Investment Instruments/products & technology related industries we have established relationships, forged strategic alliances, conquered obstacles and defeated competition.

Among the many noteworthy characteristics we possess, is the ability to comprehend and translate technical jargon (Techno- Babble) into terms (Layman’s English), suited to and easily understood by any audience we may be addressing. This skill has paid off considerably over the years particularly in the boardroom among the most senior executive management and within the largest regional corporate headquarters. We are equally comfortable “in the trenches” doing field work, presentations, trade and “dog& pony” shows.

We are often respectfully referred to as an “Evangelists” when taking up a cause or when we are able to clearly demonstrate ROI on any investment, regardless of the dollar amount.


We measure our success by how happy our clients are with the services we provide to them, and we always go the extra mile to over-deliver and exceed customer expectations.

Here’s what our satisfied clients have to say about us:

“Working with Bob and Alison was a really pleasant experience.

Not only did Bob work hard to meet my last minute deadline but he managed to produce a really professional and well put together business plan that impressed everybody I came in contact with.

Alison listened very carefully to what I wanted from my website and she delivered exactly what I was envisioning .

They are both very professional and at the same time very real making you feel very comfortable working with them. I would definitely recommend their services.

What a great team!”

Natalia Petcu, Owner
Zoom Hair Studio


“I had been trying to sell my manufacturing business (Machine Shop) for a few years so that I could retire after a very successful run of over 20 years in business for myself.

Due to the post 2007 banking meltdown which triggered an economic downturn in the manufacturing sector, I was not having any success in achieving my objective. Buyers became very skittish about purchasing businesses across the entire manufacturing sector. When Bob approached me about helping to market my company, I was initially reluctant but decided that it couldn’t hurt letting him give it a try. I had already given up on the realtors that had had it listed for over a year & eventually gave up on me.

Bob was very diligent & soon began to bring very well qualified potential buyers around to discuss a strategy for selling the business. I am very happy that within only a few short months we were successful in achieving my objective of selling the business to an energetic young machinist who has made the transition very well & is looking after my long & prosperous relationship with loyal customers.

I am very happy to report that Bob exceeded my expectations & ultimately enabled me to finally retire in comfort knowing that what I had built up over many years of hard work was in good hands & that my loyal customers will also be taken care of the way that they have come to expect from Rehobot Manufacturing Inc.”
-Fred Shim


“Bob & Alison have been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process of updating our company’s business plan and renewing our website.

Their knowledge and commitment to get the job done has been impressive from start to finish.

The results surpassed my expectations and I would recommend bcbizdev.com to anyone looking for business development and Internet marketing services.

Thanks for the great work, Bob & Alison!”
-Rick Parliament, Operations Manager,
Comren Construction (2009) Inc.


Lexa Dome Homes Business Plan Cover“The service that Bob at bcbizdev.com provided me in developing my Business Plan exceeded all of my expectations.

When I was shopping around for help to put together my Business Plan, I became a little uneasy about some of the unfamiliar terminology many of the accountants & banker types were using. Bob quickly made me feel at ease by patiently walking me through everything in a pleasant manner using easily understood language and layman’s terms. This alone made the entire process not only an educational one but also helped to empower me with a greater knowledge of principles that I was already using in my day to day business.

Bob provided me with a comprehensive road map for ensuring the continued success of my business. His expert advice and ability to recognize my vision and translate it into my business plan made working with each team member a great pleasure.

I now have a Business plan of exceptionally high quality. My expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Not only have I received a professional business plan, but I have used this process as one in which I have learned more about myself and my business visions. The plan and the process have allowed me to better visualize my path to success.

Procedure and response time was impressive. I never had to wait for answers and felt overall that I was taken seriously throughout the process. I was treated with a great deal of professionalism and respect. Every question I had throughout the process was addressed promptly and effectively.”
-Axel Tischbein,
Lexa Dome Homes Ltd.